Thursday, May 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes

I've had countless (well, actually, 732) experiences in cemeteries since 1997 that are not accounted for in my "StoneAngels" book. I expect to be much more prolific and detailed in this blog, since space is not an issue.

Regarding space, did you know that the "rule" of burying a coffin six feet under is not always followed? This is not really at the whim of unscrupulous gravediggers, but sometimes because of lack of space, rocky terrain, etc. Also, if you venture to New Orleans and stroll the cemeteries, you'll notice that because the city is below sea level, graves are not dug. Instead, miniature mausoleum tombs are built above ground. Bodies are placed in the tombs.

When the bodies decay, parts fall through a screen onto the ground. As I was picking up pieces of shells and rocks from the crumbling gravesites for my daughter to use in her jewelry-making, I realized that among those fragments were human teeth!

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