Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art for the Cash Poor

This will be the 11th annual "Art for the Cash Poor" event sponsored by InLiquid in Philadelphia. Its a wild weekend of art, beer, live music, food, and people. Held in a ginormous remodeled warehouse in the Fishtown section (roughly 3rd and Girard), the festival draws thousands of people and is arguably the largest art-related event of its kind in the city. Why do they call it "Art for the Cash Poor?" Because the artists present (and there are scores of us) cannot charge more than $199 for any single piece of artwork.

I've participated for many years, selling my work, even before I became a member of the InLiquid artists collective. Its a great way to make new friends and to reestablish old relationships. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people have similar interests in cemeteries. People stop by to tell me their about their experiences in various cemeteries. Although many of these turn out to be in great places I may never get to like London's Highgate or Pere Lachaise in Paris, its always fun to hear the stories. I always write this info down, just in case I ever get there (heck, even my UPS guy has been to Pere Lachaise!).

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